Beyond the C – Hepatitis C Elimination in Your Practice


Beyond the C – Hepatitis C Elimination in Your Practice

Beyond the C – Hepatitis C Elimination in Your Practice aims to increase the number of patients screened, tested, treated and linked to appropriate care for hepatitis C in General Practice.  

The Project will equip eligible participants with the necessary skills and resources to conduct hepatitis C case finding and clinical auditing within their own practice to improve the identification of new cases, follow up, treatment and monitoring.  

Practices will be guided by our General Practice Nurse Consultant to utilise their Medical Software System and implement quality improvement activities. The Project is designed to be embedded into current practice processes, ensuring a streamlined and sustainable way to build team capacity and improve care for patients living with hepatitis C. 


As part of this Project, participants will receive ongoing virtual support via our General Practice Nurse Consultant. Our General Practice Nurse Consultant will guide you, step by step, to successfully complete a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle and hepatitis C clinical audit.

All participating practices will also receive:

  • Priority places at ASHM training 
  • Linkage to your local PHN for Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement (PIP QI) payment (up to $12,500 per quarter, depending on practice size)
  • Access to additional resources including PDSA guides, EC toolkit, REACH C and ASHM’s Hepatitis C Community of Practice 
  • Access to additional Project financial incentives, outside of PIP QI  
  • Information on how to increase practice billing potential  
  • Access to Continuing Medical Education points

Improve the quality of care for communities most affected by hepatitis C

Align your practice with the 5th National Hepatitis C Strategy

Increase MBS billing potential and access PIP QI funds

Build team capacity and obtain Continuing Medical Education points